now open

sean branagan and paul helliwell
october 15th – november 25th 2005

VINEspace opens with new work by Paul Helliwell and Sean Branagan.

Sean Branagan's ‘composite video paintings’ use video images of people and places, some taken by the artist and some by those invited by the artist to film various social and street scenes. Several films are manipulated and combined to make one whole image, which is then projected onto various painted, layered surfaces that stand off and away from the wall. The result is a surprising leap across the artforms - a moving, three-dimensional ‘painting,’ that has a complex personal and formal dynamic.

Paul Helliwell’s large new paintings have a powerful sense of internal struggle as they juggle with the complexities of structural cohesion. There is a sense of action taking place within a frame. Obelisks slide in from stage left or right, whilst more ephemeral, cloudy stripes of colour provide a backdrop for the scene to take place. Lines rapidly interlace across and through the paintings, sometimes in organised, pre-determined formats and at other times in more reactive, route-seeking ways.

For more information please contact:
Della Gooden