painting with people

sean branagan
nov – march 2007

The PROJECTspace is home to a bold, experimental installation by Sean Branagan who has taken the opportunity to exploit his current interest in the possibilities presented by the mutual dependency of different Art Forms. Video, painting and architectural sensibilities all play a role.

On first entering, an uneasy disorientation forces the senses into overdrive on a search for information to help sum up the experience immediately encountered. Odd things are happening here. The environment has swung somewhat off course and away from 'normal'. The floors and ceiling are dissected to create fractured, broken shapes. Giants float up and down the walls head first – appearing to slide under the floor and up the other side. Large floor to ceiling mirrors reflect everything including the viewers, who along with the floor, ceiling and people in the videos are stretched and stitched into the fabric of this strange New World.

The 'subjects' blink, twitch and dance, as they slide up and down the walls. Configured in their own time and space, they cast intriguing clues to their identity – the way they move (or not) what they are wearing (or not). However earnest their efforts, they remain subject to the bigger picture and the overall organisational decisions of the artist.

There is a clear invitation to study the 'curiosities on the shelf'. With permission to stand and stare, you can 'people watch' at your leisure. 'Painting with People' provokes a direct response; you don't think it - you feel it.


Sean Branagan's work can also be seen in 'Shibboleth' at Dilston Grove / Cafe Gallery Projects, until 9th December 2006.

Due to the level of interest shown in this piece of work, VINEspace is extending the period of exhibition by appointment only. Please phone the gallery for details.

For more information please contact:
Della Gooden