ian skoyles, vic moreton and stephen dunn
apr 28th – june 4th 2006

VINEspace presents three artists working with ideas of synthesis and reformulation. Ian Skoyles mixes up readymade, commercial jigsaw puzzles to arrive at unique composites. Vic Moreton uses photo-montage and collage techniques to create hybrid images and Stephen Dunn explores pictorial harmony between real experiences and his own, introspective imaginings.

Ian Skoyles combines and re-assembles different jigsaw puzzles to produce works that are implausibly removed from the originals, yet at the same time coherent new ‘paintings’. Separate, pre-existing entities are manipulated and transformed, to seek a new equilibrium. Points of convergence are navigated so that seemingly conflicting, disconnected sections of the work blend and create new relationships. This choice of medium and process as a system to produce work limits choice and dictates, but also provides the opportunity to expand on possibilities, beyond the expected.

Vic Moreton’s work is strongly directed by his own emotive and political sensibilities. He exploits photo-montage and collage techniques to make monochrome pieces of a frank and stark nature. The two pieces titled ‘Warning! Playing God Like Mengele’ (1&2) bring together facial features from a range of sources to create synthesized images that assume the status and appearance of portraiture, and yet are undone by the viewer’s response to such grotesque hybridisation.

Stephen Dunn, in contrast, works in one medium, on canvas. Here it is not materials from different sources that are synthesised, it is the artist’s own thoughts and experiences that are blended before reaching the canvas surface and then further, during the process of painting. Real experiences in the artist’s life are depicted, but are fused with imaginings to create very personal pictorial narratives. On the canvas, a visual indication of this can be detected, as fractured surfaces interlock and compete to create the finished painting.

For more information please contact:
Della Gooden