'On your marks...'

juan bolivar and john richert
june 8th – july 8th 2007

VINEspace is delighted to present new work from Juan Bolivar and John Richert.

Exchanging a curatorial approach that chooses the ‘best work’ from the artist’s studio, that ‘best fits’ the curator’s vision, for one that trusts in the latest work from the artist’s studio and that best fits the artist’s vision, is a central premise of this exhibition.

There is no theme and there are no cohesive devices applied, beyond the original desire to exhibit both artists at the same time and to discover and share their immediate concerns. Curatorial manipulation is replaced with curatorial curiosity as each artist’s work will arrive fresh from the studio ready to speak for itself. In other words, VINEspace proposes that Juan Bolivar's and John Richert's current preoccupations within the context of their own practices as being more than enough. Interpretation is hoped to be the result of this exhibition, not the cause of it.

This work is all new – finished this week and made in ten days for this exhibition. John Richert's starting point for making this new work was methods of presentation to further parallel his interest in mass production and the way goods are displayed for purchase in stores. Juan Bolivar seemed to be at an intriguing transitional stage relating to the balance in his work between figuration and abstraction. At the time of writing (Saturday 2nd) what is actually happening in the two studios is unknown and will only be discovered on Thursday 7th, when the show will be hung and opens.

Forming a response as part of the creative process is as fundamental as the making of the work and it is an activity intrinsically linked to this exhibition because time has been squeezed. Consequently the gallery space may function, perversely, as the studio... a place to reflect on very recent endeavours for the purpose of moving forward.

Considerations of the sympathies and or conflicts of the two sets of work when seen together matter, but are not predetermined and are wholly for the artists and viewer to assess. Some of these considerations may be latent consequences of the original decision to show these two artists together –and if so, perhaps it can be assumed that curating is not an entirely overated function!



List of works in the exhibition:

John Richert:

1. ‘Realistic Sales Targets’

2. ‘Two Rich Double Layers Of Acrylic With A Tangy Lime Zest’

3. ‘Deep Blue Holes With A Blush Of Spicy Sauce’


Juan Bolivar:


5.‘Green Curve’

6.‘Red Curve’

7. ‘Blue Yellow Red’

8.‘Dark Blue’

9. ‘Gray Curves with Brown’


For more information please contact:
Della Gooden