8 days, 17 hours, 46 minutes and 21 seconds

robert currie
sep 5th – oct 19th

Robert Currie presents an intrinsically ethical practice when he makes his large videotape installations. For this particular piece,commissioned by VINEspace, exploratory pencil sketches led to a simple idea – to work on the two parallel walls of the gallery. The initial process was clear, equitable, and in contrast with the ultimate complexity with which we are finally confronted.

The two sides of the gallery extend inwards towards the centre of the room. Architecturally, it is unlike Currie’s previous installations; more Gaudi than Gropius, less pre-determined and more willful. The videotape, with its slender lines and reflective surface accumulates, crystal-like along the length of the room.

The building up of lines through hatching to create planes and define shape is a familiar method for articulating form with pencil on paper. On the platform of installation, and of course, in three dimensions, this work does concern itself with the articulation of form but also the validity of nothingness; through woven uniformity, voids materialize to give a hint and perception of nothing as a result of ‘something’.

Robert Currie lives and works in London. He graduated with a BA from Manchester Metropolitan University and completed an MA at the Royal College of Art in 2000. He was selected by Sarah Kent, Gavin Turk and Jeremy Millar for ‘New Contemporaries 2000’. Group shows include; ‘Moving Parts’ Studio Voltaire, ‘Remote Control’ Angel Row Nottingham, ‘The Liminal Phase’ Holloway, ‘42’ at The Three Colts Gallery and ‘Driven’ at Fieldgate. In 2006 he completed a year-long residency at the Florence Trust.In 2009 Robert has a solo show at Blancpain Art Contemporain, Geneva.

For more information please contact:
Della Gooden

25a vyner st
bethnal green
london e2 9dg
+44(0) 20 8981 1233
open thurs-sun 12-6