Happy Birthday ART ART ART

in collaboration with Matt Roberts Arts
thursday may 15th

It is just over a year since Ďart art artí was developed by Matt Roberts Arts as a way of sharing information and opportunities with its associates both across the UK and internationally. To celebrate the online launch of the magazine VINEspace plays host to a series of live and performative works curated by Matt Roberts and Eugenia Ivannisevich.
Performances include:

'To Let Water'
by Laura Wilson

'What a Wonderful World'
by Lee Campbell

'Everybody Moving On'
by Holly Darton and Jenny Hunt

'New Origin of the World'
by Project 133 (Neil Drabble and Kieron Dennis)

'Constructive Criticism'
by Fay Incorporated

'Imaginary Placebo Consultancy'
by Emma Leach and Russell Terry

also featuring a limited edition print run by artist Jon Traynor

We would like to thank the Victory Pub for hosting the live video feed for 'New Origin of the World' by Project 133



For more information please contact:
Della Gooden